1) Primobolan
 2) Anavar
 3) Winstrol
 4) Testosterone Propionate
 5) Trenbolone
 6) Masteron

Now, on to leaning out, what are the best steroids for leaning out and cutting up? Well, take a look at our list above. The most prominent of the steroids is probably winstrol, which has been known for years to be a huge steroid for leaning out (rumored as the best steroids to lean out). There is little doubt that almost every steroid user has heard of or knows winstrol in one way or another. Winstrol is on the list of best steroids for cutting up because of its’ unique ability to harden up muscle mass, making muscles appear harder and rounder.

Anavar, coming in at #2 on the list of best steroids is probably one of the best known steroids after winstrol. Anavar is used by many bodybuilders as well as professional powerlifters. Anavar has an amazing ability to increase strength while helping a person burn bodyfat. A study done with Anavar use in adult males suggest that average dosage of anavar between 10-20mgs per day increase fat burning capacity by 80%. This is not magic, but it’s beneficial.

Trenbolone, making the cutting list as well as the bulking list of best steroids, trenbolone is such a unique steroid that it deserves a lot of respect. Out of all the steroids in the market, trenbolone is one of the most effective, but also one of the most side effect filled drugs (right after Anadrol). Trenbolone helps you shed bodyfat like no other steroid, while helping you pack on muscle. So, why is it at #5? That’s because Trenbolone use is usually limited to 6 week periods, making it unrealistic for long term use in a 16 week cutting steroid cycle. In addition, Trenbolone hinders cardio shape of the user; thus, cardiovascular activity, which is crucial during a cutting steroid cycle, is greatly diminished.

Primobolan, the big daddy of cutting steroids and #1 of our list of Best Steroids for cutting up and leaning out! Primobolan is by far the best steroid for cutting up. Primobolan allows a user to keep a low calorie diet while increasing muscle mass. That’s amazing, and we have witnessed this first hand. Imagine a BodyOpus diet by Dan Duchaine, with primobolan and winstrol. It’s estimated a proper BodyOpus diet with the use of Primobolan, Winstrol and Anavar can yield an average fat loss of 15-20% bodyfat as well as a muscle gain of around 10-15lbs. in a 12-16 week period. Thus, a 260lbs. male with 27%-30% bodyfat, can lose about 20% bodyfat while packing on about 15-20lbs. of muscle in about 16 weeks. That’s about 3lbs. of fat loss per week, along with about 1 lb. of muscle gain per week. If that’s not the best steroid stack you’ve seen, we can’t say much more.

It was rumored that Arnold Schwarzenegger used primobolan with dianabol to cut up for a bodybuilding show. We feel this rumor is a bit overblown. It’s more likely Arnold Schwarzenegger used primobolan as well as other steroids to cut up; however, the real belief is that Arnold Schwarzenegger used Primobolan, Dianabol as well as cadaver human growth hormone (HGH). Cadaver human growth hormone (HGH) is the early version of HGH which was derived from (you guessed it) dead human cadavers! These days all HGH is synthetic.



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