When you buy anabolic steroids you typically think about the positive effects you are going to get from taking the drug and often the negative side effects are pushed aside. Some of the side effects of using steroids can be serious and can even include changes in your behavior.


With the continued use of steroids the below symptoms can begin to occur

Ø  Aggressiveness

Ø   More hostile

Ø   Anger.

These behaviors are referred to as “roid rage.”

·         It’s a term given to people that act very aggressive and hostile after taking doses of steroids, usually on a consistent basis. There have been many studies performed related to roid rage and these studies support the theory that people most likely to get roid rage are those people who were already angry and hostile prior to taking the drug. However, despite these studies steroids can have psychological effects on any steroid user. So, if you’re thinking about taking steroids be cautious as they could greatly affect your behavior.


When an anabolic steroid is taken you are adding extra levels of testosterone to your body. The hormones can have different effects on the body which can include:

Ø  These hormones can first produce a very positive effect on a person’s psyche

Ø  This positive effect can later turn into a negative one which can alter the way people act.

Ø  In the early stages of steroid use it may seem that the steroids are making you feel great and very happy, however with continued use these feelings can greatly change.



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