Steroids have been given a bad reputation due to the abuse of the drug in sports, however, not all steroids are bad steroids and not all steroids have the same effects on your body. Steroids come in different forms and are used for different reasons. There are several different ways to look at the types of steroids depending how you want to classify them. The medical definitions for each steroid vary, and there are many different types of steroids within each of those definitions. However, there are three main categories of steroids. Listed below are the three categories.

1)      Androgens. This is the category of steroid that gets the bad reputation. Many athletes abuse this steroid in order to gain a competitive edge. These steroids are related to the male sex hormone, Testosterone.  Despite the abuse of these steroids, androgens are also used for many different medical reasons such as weight gain, cancer, and growth stimulation. If you were to buy steroids for increased muscle mass, a better physique, or to become a better athlete this is the type of steroid you would be getting.

2)      Estrogens and Progestogens. These steroids are associated with the female sex hormones and are often found in prescription birth control. This category of steroid is definitely not used by athletes. It is used primarily for medical purposes.

3)      Corticosteroids. These steroids are related to the hormones in the body associated with the adrenal cortex. This category of steroid is often found in over the counter and prescription medication such as creams used to treat rashes.

There are multiple types of steroids in the categories listed above, and each of those types of steroids contains their own characteristics an can affect the body in very different ways.  Some of the effects are beneficial and some can be harmful to your body and cause long-term health problems. However, some steroids are used in the medical field as mentioned above and can help save lives.



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