Before you consider the thought to buy steroids, there are a few things that you need to know.

The first thing you need to know about steroids before you buy them is that they are technically an illegal drug. Steroids are not considered illegal drugs, but buying them without prescription is considered an illegal act, and if you get caught, you can face paying some hefty fines.

The Federal law states that possession or sale of steroids is punishable with a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment and a minimum fine of $1000. That is if it’s your first offense.  Beware, the penalties double if it’s your second violation. This law applies both to the buyer, you and the seller, which is your source. Remember that authorities, particularly those from the DEA, often disguise themselves buyers or sellers of steroids to catch people like you. Have you ever heard of the term buy-bust operation? This is one of the most common methods that law enforcement uses to entrap non-medical users of steroids. The only advice for you is you buy steroids from trusted sources only.

Because of the legal status of steroids, there’s always the danger of getting caught when you buy steroids. Buying steroids directly from your source offer greater risks than buying steroids from an online source. Thus, many opt to buy steroids from online pharmacies. You can buy steroids from steroid sites without prescription and many of these sites offer discreet and convenient transactions, accepting virtually all modes of payment. 

Basically, be careful once again who you are buying from!



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