Anabolic Steroids - The Effective Synthetic Compounds for Attaining Best Results

Anabolic Steroids - The Effective Synthetic Compounds for Attaining Best Results

The steroids are certain types of drugs which are commonly classified as anabolic steroids and Corticosteroids. The Corticosteroids are a special type of compound prescribed by the physicians for the purpose of controlling inflammation. In the other hands, the anabolic steroids are used by the bodybuilders, athletes, and sportsmen for the purpose of attaining an attractive muscular physique.

Know about anabolic steroids

Anabolic androgenic steroids are synthetic hormones which boost the body’s ability to produce muscle. Not only that but also it prevents muscle breakdown. Many athletes use it to run faster and to make a better level of performance. In addition to that, anabolic steroids have the properties to heal the injuries faster and improve endurance.

How do the anabolic steroids work in the body?

These synthetic compounds resemble the structural pattern of the male hormone testosterone. This hormone is produced in the body naturally. It increases the male characteristics such as the growth of muscle mass, deepening of the voice and so on. While administering these special types of steroidal compounds, it makes the levels of testosterone increase in the blood. As a result, it stimulates the tissues for enhancing muscle growth. However, the users must concern about the dosage of the supplements to attain the best result within the lowest possible time limit.

The types of anabolic steroids

Nowadays, in the market, up to 32 types of anabolic steroids are available. Different types are used for attaining different results. For instance –

· For building muscles, bulking steroids are used.
· Performance steroids are used for enhancing strength and endurance.
· For burning excessive body fats, cutting steroids are used.
· Some special types of synthetic compounds are there which can provide a better result for healing and recovery.
· For metabolic enhancement also, special types of steroids are available.

Commonly steroidal compounds are available in different forms. Such as – oral pills, injectable, creams, gels, etc.

benefits of using anabolic steroids

Know about some popular anabolic steroids

· Anadrol – It was initially developed for treating anemia. After that, it has found that Anadrol is an effective agent which promotes weight gain, increases appetite and helps to gain muscle strength. Many bodybuilders use this synthetic compound to gain several pounds of muscles. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the best muscle enhancing supplements. But, it should not be taken by the women. However, before administering this supplement, the user should make sure about the dosage.

· Anavar - It is another commonly known anabolic steroid. It is available in the form of oral pills. So, the users will not face any difficulty while following Anavar cycle.  It has the properties to make the users experience retaining muscle mass. The most interesting fact is that this steroidal compound helps to lose extra fats of the body while gives an attractive shape to the lean muscles. As there is very little androgenic effect in it, women can use it. But, for the beginners, it is better to make a consult with the health care advisor.

· Clenbuterol - This synthetic compound is commonly known as Clen. It is mostly used for the purpose of preventing asthma attacks. Bodybuilders, athletes, dieters, models and fitness enthusiasts use it for cutting cycle. For experiencing the best result, the users have to follow a healthy lifestyle, such as following proper dosage plan, eating healthy food, performing daily exercise and taking proper rest, etc.

· Halotestin – This anabolic steroid is made with the characteristics of androgenic and anabolic function. Halotestin is widely used by athletes as it enhances strength and improves the performance level.

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