If you’re thinking about taking anabolic steroids there are several things you should think about. The reward is great but there is also a lot of risk associated with taking the drug. While on steroids you can do a lot of great things that may not otherwise be achievable. You you can become an overall better athlete, get very strong in a shorter amount of time than natural gains, and you can get that ripped physique much easier. However, with something so powerful also come some negative side effects. Below is a short list of some of the side effects steroids can have.


Long-Term Side Effects:


-          Hypertension

-          Heart Disease

-          Liver Damage

-          Eating Disorder

-          Elevated Cholesterol

-          Stunted Growth

-          HIV (from sharing needles)



Short-Term Side Effects:

-          Headaches

-          Nosebleeds

-          Acne

-          Stomach pain

-          Increased heart rate

-          Increased blood pressure

-          Fluid retention

-          Muscle tightness

-          Muscle cramps

-          Tendon problems

-          Moodiness



As mentioned above this is only a short list of some of the side effects. Some items, such as HIV, are not a direct side effect from using the drug. However, when you are injecting yourself if you get careless and share needles or inadvertently use someone else’s things like HIV could definitely be a possibility as well.



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