There are a lot of medical uses for steroids.  Steroids are used for a lot of good reasons. 

When we think of steroid use we concoct the image of the massive body builder who uses steroids to get pumped up and win competitions.  Steroids aren’t only used by bodybuilder’s. They are used in the medical field to help patients with any number of conditions.

Steroids are commonly used for treating delays in puberty.  Some types of impotence responds well from the use of steroids.HIV patients who have seen a loss of body mass, or patients who need to gain weightCertain types of anemiaOsteoporosis (A common problem in menopausal women that causes bones to become brittle)Bilary Obstruction (A liver condition that causes itching)
When you think about the medical uses for steroids did you consider any of the above?  Chances are you did not think of any of the above listed reasons in which steroids have proven effective. 

What is it about the mere mention of the word steroids that sends a streak of fear up our spine?  When in fact, steroids have a lot of great medical uses, we still think on the illegal black market use of the drugs. 

The next time you think of steroids try thinking on the beloved grandmother helped by the use of steroids, giving way to a better posture and less pain while she walks.  Or think about the HIV patient who has wasted away to near-nothing. Steroids will help any patient who needs to build extra body mass, and can be a miracle drug to those who are near death and have hope if their body is built up by the use of steroids. 

Do you know a child whose life is threatened because of loss of weight due to cancer or other serious medical conditions.  This is yet another case that these drugs are useful.  The drugs so commonly associated with all sorts of bad images of black market and illegal sales, actually can be life saving.
Indeed in the above cases, steroids can be life-saving.  There are plenty of medical uses for steroids!



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