Steroids definitely gain a bad reputation due to the many side effects involved in using the drug. However, there are many different medical uses for these drugs and every type of steroid can have a different effect. Steroids constitute a very important class of hormones, and both natural and synthetic hormones are both commonly used in medicine.

One type of steroid that is commonly used in the medical field is called hydrocortisone. This is a synthetic version of cortisol which a glucocorticoid steroid. Cortisol is actually a natural steroid hormone that is produced by adrenal gland in response to stress. This steroid can prevent inflammation and it also raises blood pressure and sugar levels. Therefore, hydrocortisone is particularly useful in medicine to its anti-inflammatory properties. This type of steroid is also used in many creams that treat skin ailments.

Progesterone is another commonly used steroid in the medical field. It is used to control different events during pregnancy. Also used in the medical field is estrdiol. This steroid is used as component in birth control pills.

Even though there are many side effects associated with the abuse of steroids and they seem to gain a bad reputation there are also many great uses for the drug as well. Without the use of steroids in the medical field many illness could not be treat effectively. The bad reputation of the drug comes from the abuse of the drug therefore many of its beneficial uses are often overlooked by the general public.



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